Deciphering the Chemical Identity of C9H9NO2: Structural Insights and Applications


Monomethylamine (MMA) is a simple organic compound with diverse applications in organic synthesis, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and chemical industry. This article explores the structural characteristics, synthetic methodologies, and industrial uses of monomethylamine as a key building block in organic chemistry.

Structural Overview and Chemical Properties

MMA, with the molecular formula CH3NH2, consists of a methyl group (-CH3) attached to an amino group (-NH2). This primary amine exhibits basic properties and is miscible with water, making it a valuable reagent for various chemical transformations and synthesis reactions.

Synthetic Routes and Production Methods

Monomethylamine is primarily synthesized through the reaction of methanol with ammonia under high temperature and pressure conditions, yielding MMA along with water. Additionally, MMA can be obtained as a byproduct of certain industrial processes, including the production of pesticides and pharmaceuticals.

Applications in Organic Chemistry

MMA serves as a versatile building block in organic synthesis, participating in numerous reactions such as alkylation, reductive amination, and imine formation. It is commonly employed in the synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates, agrochemicals, and specialty chemicals.

Industrial Uses and Commercial Products

In the chemical industry, monomethylamine finds applications in the production of methylamines, quaternary ammonium compounds, and surfactants. These products are utilized in various sectors, including agriculture, personal care, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.


In conclusion, monomethylamine represents a crucial intermediate in organic synthesis and industrial chemistry. Its broad range of applications and facile reactivity make it indispensable for the production of diverse chemical compounds, underscoring its importance in modern chemistry and technology. You can find more information about this topic on the following website:

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